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JRE 1724A RF Shielded Test Enclosure
Slim rack mountable enclosure - ideal for multiple unit device tests
  • Roomy 5.5 x 15.5 x 22.5 inches 140 x 390 x 570 mm inside
  • Excellent RF Isolation
  • Fits on any benchtop or into any standard sliding 19" rack shelf
  • Rugged welded aluminum construction with cover stiffeners
  • Wide selection of I/O options
  • Large size with dual I/O plates, ideal for tests involving multiple devices within the enclosure
  • Low cost: $1495

Designed for testing devices with a flat form factor that need plenty of I/O, the rack-mountable JRE1724A is ideal. Similar to our JRE1724, but not as high, you can place multiple devices within its large footprint. Dual I/O panels allow for a multitude of connectors and interfaces. The JRE1724A comes standard with dual honeycomb style vents - pictured is the enclosure with optional cooling fan and USB2.0 interface.

Featuring rugged welded aluminum construction, you can be assured of its tight RF shielding effectiveness. Long life door gasket material along with double edge engagement not only provides solid RF shielding, but smooth trouble free operation over its lifespan. Our wide selection of I/O connectors allow almost any device to be interfaced inside the enclosure, and internal electromagnetic absorbing material reduces RF reflections and hot-spots.

Units shown with populated I/O plates as well as AC power strip for illustration