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Interface Connector Guide

Our universal interface plate allows easy configuration of most any I/O signal to the inside of the test enclosure. One enclosure may be tasked with different tests requiring different connectors and is easily changed in the field by simply replacing the interface plate.

JRE offers a wide variety of RF connectors, each with attached dust cap. Generally connectors are bulkhead style meaning a Female connector style appearing on each side of the interface plate.

DC/AC Power Terminal Strips

4 Terminal and 6 Terminal Barrier Strip - with 2500 pf feedthru filtering, 100 VDC/250VAC @ 20A
Use these heavy duty barrier terminal strips to allow RF filtered entry into the enclosure for AC or DC power.

USB 2.0 Serial Data Filtered Interfaces

JRE USB 2-1 Single Channel USB Filter

JRE USB Dual Channel USB Filter

JRE offers two USB 2.0 Speed filtered interfaces. The JRE USB 2-1 is a single channel filter that is designed to reject frequencies greater than 880 MHz while passing data and power between a host computer on one side and a USB device on the other. Standard USB Type A connectors are used on each side of the filtered adapter. Fully USB compliant, correct enumeration process ensures any test ‘hiccups’ will be properly exchanged between devices, i.e.: no hang-ups are undetected, a problem when using fiber optic or other such interfaces! The filtered interface consists of a balanced pair of bi-directional data lines and a balanced power and return pair. The dual channel version of the filter consists of two sets of high speed USB 2.0 ports. Each port is terminated in an output cable that is 4 inches (minimum) long. The USB cable and connectors have the standard USB 2.0 pinout and configuration. The data line filters pass the up to 480Mbps of USB Type 1 or 2 data while providing rejection greater than 80dB from 1GHz through 6 GHz. The power line filters pass the DC power and return while providing rejection greater than 80dB from 1MHz through 6 GHz.

LAN-1 RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Filtered Interface

The LAN-1 Filter consists of a 10/100/1000 Ethernet compliant low pass filter inside a machined aluminum housing which provides exceptional RF shielding on all 8 signal lines, making it compatible with standard Ethernet as well as any other format using an RJ-45 connector. The filter is designed to reject frequencies greater than the Cellular frequencies of 700 MHz while passing data between RJ-45 connected devices such as routers, switches, access points or other Ethernet devices.

Designed with filtered and balanced pairs of bi-directional data lines, it passes 10/100/1000 Ethernet data while providing rejection greater than 80dB from 1 GHz through 6 GHz.

Serial Data Connectors

USB to DB-9 Adapter Set     RJ-45 to DB-9 Adapter Set

DB Series Connectors

These filtered DB style connectors are used for general serial I/O into the enclosure, they may be used alone or in conjunction with adapters to meet most any connector style needed. JRE Test stocks three values of filtered DB connectors that will pass various data rates. A capacitance of 1000 pf is used for data rates speeds up to 10 MBPS, 310 pf for speeds up to 50 MBPS, 100 pf for speeds up to 100 MBPS, and 10 pf for speeds up to 1000 MBPS. Higher capacitance filter networks provide higher levels of shielding effectiveness, at the expense of slowing the data speeds, while lower capacitance allows faster data speed but poorer RF isolation.

AC Mains Power Strips

4 Outlet USA

5 Outlet USA

6 Outlet USA

3 Outlet Universal

5 Outlet Universal

6 Outlet Universal

Fiber Optic Connectors

    FC Simplex      ST Multimode
Fiber optic connector I/O offers the ultimate in RF shielding as there is no ohmic connection, only light.